Is a magazine created and directed by Marcos Adandía since 2005.
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DULCE EQUIS NEGRA is a biannual magazine where photography, poetry, illustrations and essay combine giving shape to a magazine of excellent printing quality, beautiful aesthetics and strong text production. The magazine prioritises the expression, through art, of an intense level of reflection. Dulce Equis Negra surprises for its aesthetics, content, and lay out. It surprises as a true creation in which one gets caught in its pages wondering whether we are in a magazine, a book a gallery, a poem book, a novel or a subtle and intelligent mixture of all these. Perhaps we may surely dive into its pages the way we feel.
The magazine, itself, is a unique experience which amazes without boasting in an exquisite and seemingly simple way, asking to be browsed and indulge in its refined association between images and texts.
Daniel Medina